Court Battles & Caregiving: How to Manage When Families Don’t Get Along

Spencer Crona from Brown & Crona, LLC was recently featured on The Caring Generation® radio program, hosted by Pamela D. Wilson. The segment, “How to Manage When Families Don’t Get Along,” discussed how dysfunctional families create conflict and drama when it comes to caregiving for older family members. Sibling rivalries, difficult parent/child relationships, lack of trust, poor communication and many other family dynamics can not only affect our lives as we are growing up; these dynamics also affect how families come together to care for aging parents. The program includes tips on how to manage family disagreements.

During the program, Mr. Crona helps sort out what happens when these disagreements turn into court battles. His discussion includes an overview of two specific family situations:

  1. A daughter caring for her elderly parent would not allow the siblings to visit.
  2. A private caregiver hired to care for a parent actually influenced the person to include them in the will and exclude the rest of the family.

Mr. Crona discusses some of the warning signs to watch for so you can take proactive measures to protect your loved ones and your own inheritance. He also offers ways to petition the courts to give you or another person more power to protect your loved ones. As an expert with over 30 years of experience in probate, estate and trust litigation, including conservatorships and guardianships, Mr. Crona often handles cases surrounding elder law and probate litigation.

You can listen to or read the transcript of “How to Manage When Families Don’t Get Along” in its entirety by clicking this link:

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