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7 Things to Avoid When Making a Will

Thing to avoid in a willWriting a will is an important and responsible action to take to protect your estate and care for your loved ones when you are gone. While it is not absolutely necessary to have a will drafted by a lawyer, hiring a professional can help you get it done right the first time – and with each revision – so it remains completely valid and lessens the potential for costly litigation upon your death.

At The Brown Law Firm, LLC, we have identified 7 things to avoid when making a will:

  1. Hand-writing your will: It should be typed using a proper form and be signed by two witnesses.
  2. Avoiding revisions: A will should be a dynamic document that is continually updated as life circumstances change.
  3. Waiting until the “last minute: None of us know what the future holds. If your plan is to wait until you’re older to draft a will, your estate may end up in the lengthy, and sometimes messy probate process.
  4. Forgetting to include your business: If you own a business, your wishes for the future of that business should be identified as part of a comprehensive estate plan.
  5. Neglecting to understand state laws: Every state has its own laws surrounding the validity of wills and how they should be drafted. There are also tax codes to consider so you do not place an unnecessary burden on your beneficiaries. These can be complicated processes to understand.
  6. Including everything in your will: Certain provisions should be left out of a will such as funeral plans, property that is held jointly with another person, illegal items, life insurance and retirement funds and digital items like ebooks or online music.
  7. Overlooking the inclusion of a living will: A living will states how you want to be cared for in the event you become unable to care for yourself. This document can cover situations like end-of-life treatments, resuscitation and more.

If you would like help in properly drafting a will in Denver, contact The Brown Law Firm, LLC today.