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How to Become a Conservator in Denver

A conservator is a person appointed by the court to protect the financial affairs and estate of an adult person that becomes incapacitated or for a minor. If a family member of loved one is in any stage of failing mental or physical health, and that person is unable to designate an agent under financial power of attorney, you may wish to file the legal documents to have a conservator appointed for that person. The person chosen as conservator must be at least 21 years old and can be a resident or non-resident of the county in which you are filing the petition.

It will be necessary to complete and file the appropriate Colorado forms for:

  • Appointing a conservator
  • Acknowledging the responsibilities of conservatorship
  • Accepting the office
  • Notification documents
  • Reporting documents
  • And more

Each form must be properly filled out and filed with the courts in a timely manner. There are several steps that must be taken in order to make this a quick and seamless process for protection of your loved one. There is a filing fee of $164 as well as other miscellaneous fees that will be due to the courts.

To bypass this process, it is advisable to make these care arrangements prior to any health decline to ensure that the very best decision has been made for your interests. This can be done by naming agents under durable medical and financial powers of attorney.

To learn more about initiating conservatorships in Denver, contact The Brown Law Firm, LLC to arrange an appointment: (303) 339-3750 or visit our website. We can also help you name agents under durable powers of attorney or draft a trust or will in Denver that will protect your estate.