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Who says lawyers have to be stuffy? Sure, the Denver estate lawyers at Brown & Crona, LLC “live their lives right.” They spend their working days helping people in our community protect their estates, plan for the futures of their loved ones and receive what is rightfully theirs. But “when the working day is done”

Who Can Start the Probate Process in Colorado?

Executors of a will are tasked with the responsibility of initiating the probate process. These are individuals who have been specifically named in a deceased person’s will to handle all of the many duties surrounding estate administration. Probate isn’t meant to be a punishment for the executor and the beneficiaries. It is meant to ensure

How Do You Terminate a Conservatorship in Colorado?

Conservatorships do not have to last forever. There are circumstances when it becomes apparent that the role of conservator is no longer needed to protect the financial affairs of another individual under the Court’s supervision. Termination of a Colorado Conservatorship can be requested (either by the protected person or by the conservator) based on several

Is Probate Required if there is a Will?

In Colorado, there are two answers to the question “Is probate required if there is a will?” No: if the estate has certain types of assets that amount to less than $64,000 and there is no real property included in the estate. This is designated a Colorado small estate probate. Yes:  if the estate contains real

What is a Disposal of Last Remains?

No one likes to think about death – especially their own. However, it’s entirely possible that you have attended a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life where you felt uncomfortable with the process or the setting – silently thinking that you would have done things differently. If you want to have control over how