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Do Litigators go to Court?

Yes. Litigators can argue civil cases in courtroom settings on behalf of the plaintiff or defendant. However, a trip to the courtroom is one of the last phases of the litigation process. In fact, some cases never actually make it to court, but rather get settled out of court.

When you hire a litigation attorney, they will listen to your case, assess the validity of your claim and gather up as much information as possible so they can adequately represent you. During this step in the process, they may consult with other professionals to gather more information or statements from witnesses.

Throughout the process, the litigator is required to share information with all other interested parties involved in the case: the court, other attorneys, etc. There may be a significant amount of paperwork that must be shared in order for all parties to be on the same page, Therefore, it is important that the attorney you hire is detail oriented, deadline-driven and fully committed to working on your behalf.

Once each side has all the information on the case, if no settlement can be reached between the parties, the next step will be going to trial. Some cases are tried to a judge, while some are tried to a jury.  If it is a jury trial, the litigator will be responsible for selecting the   jury. The trial will be where the litigator should shine: making opening statements, questioning and cross-examining witnesses, supporting your case with concrete evidence and making a strong closing statement. It is important to have a confident, experienced litigator on your side to convince the jury or judge your claim is warranted.

The litigator will be hoping for the jury to favor their argument. If this does not occur, the litigation attorney can appeal the court’s decision and continue working to receive the client’s desired outcome.

In estate and trust administration, litigation suits may occur if a family member feels cheated out of an inheritance. The probate litigation process can last weeks, months or even years. It is important to choose an experienced, trustworthy attorney – like the Denver probate litigation lawyers at The Brown Law Firm, LLC – to handle your case. If you are facing an estate problem in Denver, contact us at (303) 339-3750 or send us a message online to meet with our experts.