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How Can a Parent Sign Over Guardianship?

Sometimes parents have to make the difficult decision to allow another person to care for their child. Luckily, we have a legal process called guardianship in this country that allows parents to choose this option for different reasons such as:

  • Being mentally or physically unable to provide proper care
  • Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • Residing in unsafe or unsanitary conditions
  • Being unable to control abusive tendencies

Guardianship in Colorado can be temporary or permanent, giving another person the responsibility of caring for a minor (child under age 18) or an adult child with special needs. The parents can choose a specific person to act as guardian – it must be someone who they feel will make the right types of medical, educational and social decisions with their child’s best interests in mind. It’s also important for the child to be placed in a home that is loving, safe and comfortable.

Steps to Filing for Guardianship

  1. Identify the correct guardianship forms (there are over a dozen forms that may be necessary)
  2. Complete the forms and file them with the court (there is a $199.00 fee)
  3. Send a notice to interested parties of the upcoming hearing, including the child if over 12 years of age
  4. Appear at the hearing and bring evidence as to why the guardianship is being requested
  5. Fill out the forms for any requirements after the court has appointed the guardian

This guardian does not magically become your child’s legal parent (that would require adoption). If you are able to resume your role as parent, you may be able to petition for the guardianship to be terminated.

With Guardianship, Time is of the Essence

Your child is too precious to leave in an unsafe, uncaring or unproductive environment. If you are considering guardianship, the best course of action for your child’s financial, emotional and physical welfare is to move the guardianship process along as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

If you are a parent that cannot properly provide for your child and you want more information about the guardianship process, please contact the Denver guardianship lawyers at The Brown Law Firm, LLC. We have extensive experience helping parents identify the correct forms to be completed and handle the filing process to help you through a very difficult time in the lives of many people. We will work quickly to establish the guardianship so that your child has t the protection and support they need. To learn more, please contact us at (303) 339-3750 or send us a message online.