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Are Lawyers Optional for Wills?

Do you have to hire a lawyer to create a will? The short answer is: no.

The long answer is: maybe.

If you haven’t fully thought through ALL of the situations that may arise after you pass away – and even while you are still living – your will may not sufficiently protect you and your loved ones. Here are some circumstances where a Colorado estate lawyer can help you properly navigate the will-making process so you leave no stone unturned.

  • You have dependent children or parents that need protection.
  • Any type of medical emergency, traumatic event or disease could leave you incapacitated – and unable to speak for yourself.
  • There are certain family members that you would absolutely not want to receive your possessions or be granted guardianship of your dependents by the courts.
  • You are not married but have a significant other you want to protect.
  • You have frozen genetic material (eggs, sperm, etc.) and you want these used in a specific way or destroyed within a specific timeframe.
  • There are certain charities you want to support.
  • You have pets you want to protect.
  • You have strong emotions about life-sustaining medical treatments for yourself.
  • There are specific family members, business partners, etc., who may contest your will.
  • You want to protect your family from taxes on your estate or help them avoid going through probate court procedures.

Drafting a will that only outlines where you want your material possessions distributed may not sufficiently cover all of these situations. A professional Denver estate planning attorney will bring these issues to light so you can start making the right decisions for your unique circumstances. Their main goal is to help you help yourself.

Don’t wait another day to get your will and estate planning documents in order. The team at The Brown Law Firm, LLC, can help you understand the various types of protective documents AND help you choose the ones for your situation.

To learn more about creating a will in Denver, contact The Brown Law Firm, LLC, to arrange an appointment: (303) 339-3750 or visit our website.