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One-Stop Shop for Your Estate Planning Documents

organize estate planning documentsIn one of our earlier blogs we recommended that everyone prepare 9 estate documents right now to protect their legacy, share their wishes and provide for their families. Once you have these documents prepared, you should give a few trusted individuals access to that information – all with just the click of a button.

Rather than storing hard copies of the documents and other important information in a storage closet or safe deposit box (and hoping your family can find the information) you now have the ability to store information securely online. This way, in case of a tragedy, your family members or executor can have quick and easy access to your important estate planning documents.

3 Websites to Store Estate Planning Documents

Below are 3 encrypted websites that are considered safe to store your information. You have the ability to share all or just portions of your documents with certain individuals and you can set specific conditions surrounding when these individuals can access the information. In addition to important documents, you can use these websites to share information about your personal items such as where you have your digital photos stored, passwords, PIN numbers and more.


Upon visiting this site, you will complete a short assessment to explain what legal documents you have already set up. This information is used to provide a customized recommendation on the best ways to proceed (and identify any gaps that might exist). The site provides links to legal and health forms. You can include all details about your life on the site – even small details like where you hide extra keys – and you can write your own obituary.

There is a free version of this site and a $75 per year premium version which allows you to upload documents and access live chat support.


This is a site with “bank-level” security that allows you to store, share and pass on information now, if you become disabled or when you are gone. The site allows you to divide your documents into 3 categories:

  • Assets
  • Estate
  • Personal health and life

The cost is $96 for the first year and $24 every year after.


For people who still feel uncomfortable about posting sensitive information online, this site may be a better match. Rather than listing personal information, this site can be used to tell trusted individuals 5 essential instructions your loved ones should know. You can also include where they can find important documents. You can edit the information at any time.

There is a free version of this site that provides basic information about your existing documents. The Pro version is $24 per year; the Lifetime version is a one-time charge of $144. Both advanced versions allow you to upload information about where you keep sensitive information such as your birth certificate, Social Security card and more.

Don’t let you assets – your legacy – go unclaimed because your family was unaware assets existed. Get your personal information in order and share it while you are living.

If you need help creating an estate plan in Denver, contact The Brown Law Firm today. We can also help you choose a website to store your important documents. We look forward to helping you plan for your family’s future.