Wills in Denver

When most people think of estate planning, they think of wills. If you own anything that you want to be passed on to specific people or organizations, you likely need a will. If you die without a will, your estate will be classified as intestate and your assets will be distributed pursuant to the laws of intestacy, which means your assets pass to your closest surviving relatives regardless of your relationship with those individuals. Your estate also may be subject to taxes that ultimately reduce the amount your beneficiaries receive.

Comprehensive Estate Plan

A will is one component of an estate plan, but at Brown Law Firm, we typically recommend that clients utilize a comprehensive estate plan to not only determine what happens with their assets at death, but also who will make their decisions if they become incapacitated.  A comprehensive estate plan that includes a will and the ancillary documents listed below likely will ensure your wishes are carried out upon your death or incapacity.  A comprehensive Colorado estate plan should include:

  • General Durable Power of Attorney: names an agent (usually a person) who can make financial decisions on your behalf
  • Medical Power of Attorney: names an agent (usually a person) who can make medical decisions on your behalf
  • Living Will: a document that states how you want medical care (including life-sustaining measures) administered
  • Declaration of Disposition of Last Remains: a document that states if you want to be buried, cremated, etc.

Our Denver estate planning lawyers will recommend the appropriate options for your unique situation. To learn more about creating a will in Denver or anywhere in Colorado, contact us today.