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Scary Scenario: Paying Medical Bills for Others

The season of Halloween just passed, with scary images of witches, ghosts and vampires all around. But none of these images can compare with the scare of looming medical bills – especially if you are responsible for another person. 

If you have been named a legal guardian for a minor or incapacitated adult who is incapable of handling their own affairs (also called a ward), you may be wondering if you, as the guardian, are responsible for their medical bills. 

The short answer is No. (Scary scenario avoided!)

In most cases, guardians are not responsible for the costs surrounding the care of the ward to whom they are assigned. This includes medical bills, education, living arrangements, etc. In Colorado, legal guardians are entitled to receive reasonable compensation for their services as guardian. There is no set amount of compensation for legal guardians; it will vary based on the yearly income collected by the ward, assets owned by the ward, income or interest earned by the ward, etc. 

If you have already paid for medical costs out-of-pocket for your ward, you may be able to petition the court to get compensation (assuming you have kept good records showing the reasons for the costs and exact amounts to be reimbursed). 

The Colorado guardianship lawyers at The Brown Law Firm, LLC can help you understand your responsibilities regarding your responsibilities as guardian. We can also help you complete the right forms for requesting guardianship compensation in Denver. As a guardian, you have a very important role in the life of another human being. Our team wants to help make your job as seamless as possible. 

If you are in need of arranging a guardianship for a loved one, our team is here to help with that as well. Contact us to arrange an appointment: (303) 339-3750 or visit our website.