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What is a Disposition of Last Remains?

Death is not a pleasant thing to think about. Unfortunately, it is inevitable for all of us. The more prepared and organized you can be about what you want to happen to you after you pass away, the less your family will have to make difficult decisions on your behalf.

A disposition of last remains document is typically part of your estate plan. In which, you can outline specific end of life details such as:

  • Your wish to be cremated, buried, or entombed
    • Your funeral home of choice
    • The location of your burial
    • What to do with your ashes
  • What type of ceremony, if any, you want to be held in your honor
    • Wake
    • Funeral
    • Celebration of life
    • Memorial service
    • Private event with close family members only
    • Public event
    • No service at all
  • Organ or tissue donation; donate your body to science
  • Name an executor to ensure your wishes are carried out
  • Other specifics you want to include

You can make your wishes very general or super specific. For example, you may want everyone to wear bright colors to your memorial service or release colorful butterflies at the end of the service. You could ask that your ashes be scattered over the land at your family’s cabin in the mountains. These are decisions that will be difficult for your family to make – and agree on – as they are moving through the grieving process. A disposition of last remains document can help ease their minds and help them know they are celebrating your life the way you wanted.

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