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What is an Emergency Conservatorship?

An emergency conservatorship in Colorado can be requested if a person (Respondent) is involved in an accident or has a condition that leaves them unable to make decisions, communicate or perform daily functions related to their finances. This incapacitation will make it impossible for the person to pay bills, manage their property, etc. A loved one or close family friend can petition the courts to request emergency conservatorship to help the person protect their financial affairs and estate. This may be a temporary appointment that is revoked when the person is able to return to their lives in a healthy manner. An emergency conservator can be converted to a permanent conservator if the Respondent’s condition does not improve to the level that they manage their property.

How to Request Emergency Conservatorship in Denver

A Denver conservatorship lawyer can help you take the proper steps to request an emergency conservatorship. This will include establishing proof that there is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention and proof that waiting for typical court hearings will be damaging for the Respondent.

The conservator must provide notice to other family members and interested parties that he or she has been appointed as conservator.  At the hearing, it must be proven that the emergency appointment is in the Respondent’s best interests. The conservator must also prove that they are capable of handling the finances of the Respondent.

There are a host of conservator forms that must be properly filled out and filed with the courts to set this process in motion. Hiring a conservatorship lawyer in Colorado can ensure that this process gets handled as quickly and efficiently as possible to ensure that your loved one’s estate is protected. If you are concerned about a loved one that has become incapacitated, contact The Brown Law Firm, LLC today to learn how you can put an emergency conservatorship plan into action. To arrange an appointment call (303) 339-3750 or visit our website.

This entire process could potentially be avoided if a person has a durable financial power in place. Think of this as advanced planning for any type of future misfortune. It is possible that the people named will never have to perform these types of duties on your behalf, but at least you will have the peace of mind that you trust the person who will be in control of your estate. The Brown Law Firm, LLC can also help you devise a will or trust that has these types of stipulations, among many others.