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What is the Difference Between a Corporate Lawyer and a Business Lawyer?

Although the two may sound very similar, a corporate lawyer is different from a business lawyer. Here is a quick overview of how the two differ and why you might need both types of lawyers for your company.

Corporate lawyer: focuses on the large-scale corporate entity by negotiating and reviewing contracts, overseeing mergers/acquisitions, creating corporate bylaws, securing venture capital, advising on securities law compliance, shareholder rights, etc.
Business lawyer: helps companies comply with laws surrounding tax requirements, employment issues (hiring, firing, harassment, family leave), buying/selling other companies, establishing the type of business (corporation, partnership, limited liability company), marketing/advertising rules, breach of contracts, lawsuits, etc.

Corporate law is concerned with the activities of the corporation itself; business law concerns the activities of the business.

Whether you are starting a new company or have a large well-established one already, having a team of lawyers on your side can help you react quickly to legal situations AND put safeguards in place to prevent legal situations from beginning in the first place OR spiraling out of control. As a business owner, you may be so caught up in the creation or management of your business that you fail to recognize potential pitfalls. A corporate or business lawyer can provide legal guidance, pointing these situations out so you can deal with them promptly. The whole idea behind hiring a lawyer for your business is to protect your investment, provide a safety net for your business transactions, shield you from lawsuits and rectify lawsuits as quickly as possible.

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