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What Kind of Attorney Do I Need for Guardianship?

People often think of a guardian as being a person responsible for raising a child under age 18. While this is true, guardianship can also be arranged for adults who are unable to care for themselves – those with mental or physical disabilities, serious illnesses, etc. The appointment of a guardian is not something to take lightly – and it is not something that should be done without legal help.

The best type of attorney to arrange guardianship is one that has extensive experience with family estate planning in the state in which the guardianship is needed. This area of law can be very complex and it is constantly changing, so it is very important to have an advocate on your side to protect your loved ones.

The guardianship lawyers at The Brown Law Firm, LLC have over 50 years of combined experience in this area of the law as well as conservatorships, estate planning, trust administration and estate litigation. They have helped hundreds of families understand and carry out the responsibilities of guardianship: making decisions on behalf of the minor or incapacitated person in regard to residential placement, education, careers, healthcare, emotional needs and more.

Guardianships can be handled in a number of ways:

  • You can plan in advance for your children by appointing guardians in your estate plan documents in the event you pass away while they are still minors.
  • If you think you may become incapacitated in the future, you can name a guardian for yourself in your estate plan documents.
  • The courts will designate guardians if someone was not previously named in legal documents.
  • If you feel a person is in need of a guardian, you can petition the courts to have the situation assessed so the person can be cared for properly.

The team at The Brown Law Firm, LLC can help you draft Colorado guardianship documents as well as contests to guardianships. When it comes to the welfare of children and incapacitated adults, time is of the essence. Our team will work hard to move the guardianship process along swiftly so a sense of normalcy can be returned to the life of the individual in need. If there is any change in your feelings about the guardian you have chosen, we can help you update your documents to reflect your new wishes. It’s important to review your estate planning documents regularly and update them as needed.

If you would like to arrange a guardianship in Denver, please contact The Brown Law Firm, LLC at (303) 339-3750 or send us a message online.