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When Should You Review Your Estate Planning Documents?

Update Estate PlanYou’ve been proactive in planning for your family’s future by creating estate planning documents (wills, trusts, etc.). Great job! You never have to think about it again…right?


Guess what? Life is constantly changing and so must your estate planning documents adjust to reflect those changes. Here are 8 reasons why it may be time to review and update your estate plans:

  1. You got married or divorced, had children or experienced a death your family
  2. You sold or acquired major estate items (houses, land, etc.)
  3. You or someone in your family is experiencing serious health issues
  4. Your personal or professional relationship with named fiduciaries (executors, power of attorney, etc.) has changed
  5. Your net worth exceeds the limit to be exempt from taxes
  6. You have moved to another state
  7. You inherit property, a business, etc.
  8. You retire

All of these situations can affect how you outline your estate to be divided, identify individuals to carry out your wishes on your behalf, protect your life’s work and ensure that all of your desires are well-documented in your estate plan.

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